Apply for the Rural Youth Skill Acquisition Programme 2022

The Centre for Rural Youth Entrepreneurship and Environmental Development with support from the Federal Government with UNCDF,UNIDO and EU as funding partners is organizing a Rural Youth skill Acquisition Programme (RYSA) in Nigeria. 

The programme has been designed to target rural youths in order to create income earning opportunities,reduce rural-urbana migration and boost the economy.the skill acquisition programmes to the rural youth population with the objectives to create income-earning opportunities, stem youth restiveness, discourage rural-urban drift and grow the local economy.

The Programme targets youths that are semi-literate and non-literate, who have acquired skill training, needs start-up and fundamental business skills.

The Rural Youth Skill Acquisition programme has two components:

1.The Practical / Hands-on training: Here,trainees will acquire further practical skills required for them to succeed in their chosen businesses. The training will be done be Master Trainers situated across different communities Nationwide.
2.   The Community Business School(CBS):this is the second component of the programme for all RYSA beneficiaries .It is to take place once a week for twelve weeks in the course of the practical/hands-on training programmes.

 The course outline for the CBS are:

  1. Introduction to Business
  2. Customer Relations
  3. Marketing
  4. Book Keeping
  5. Business Networking
  6. Business Modelling
  7. Community Service and Volunteerism

Beneficiaries will choose from these lists of skills to be trained on:

  1. Makeover
  2. Catering and Confectioneries
  3. Plumbing
  4. POP, Screed Making and Painting
  5. Tiling
  6. Welding and Fabrication
  7. Electrical Installations and Repairs
  8. Fashion and Designs
  9. Hair dressing
  10. Aluminum profiling
  11. Woodwork and Furniture
  12. Solar Works
  13. Auto Mechanic

For an applicant to be selected:

1)Candidates must pass the proficiency test in his/her chosen skill area to be eligible for the Programme.
2)Beneficiaries must complete the CBS training before the Start-up Packs presentation.
3)Candidates must pass the training completion test and Community Business School (CBS) component test before been awarded Certificate and grant.
4)Successful Beneficiaries must follow the mentoring process of the Centre for Rural Youth Entrepreneurship and Environmental Development.

Benefits to RYSA Trainees:

1)Monthly Stipend of N50,000 in the course of their 6(six) months training.

2)The Startup-packs which are:Work Tools ,that’s equipment related to the beneficries enterprise to be given at the end of the training,and the Seed Grant supports,that will help the beneficiaries on their ventures as new employers of manpower.

RYSA Programme Application:

  1. Interested candidates should visit rysa.ng/apply to submit an online form
  2. Candidates must enroll for online tests based on the skill area of choice.
  3. Applicants for RYSA must fill and submit the guarantor’s form.
  4. Shortlisted candidates must undergo oral interviews and take online tests based on the skill area of choice.
  5. Selected candidates must abide by the rules and regulations set by Rural Youth Entrepreneurship and Environmental Development .

RYSA application end on 31st December,2022

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