IMEI: What you should know about it

The IMEI plays a crucial role whether you're dealing with network locks, reporting a stolen device, or buying a pre-owned smartphone. You can protect your mobile devices in a world that is becoming more connected by leveraging the power of the IMEI.

Smartphones have grown to be an essential aspect of our lives in the digital age. They keep us entertained, informed, and connected. But do you know what an IMEI is?In this article, we’ll explain what it is and why it’s crucial for smartphone users to comprehend it.


International Mobile Equipment Identity is what IMEI stands for. Every mobile device, including smartphones, tablets, and other cellular devices, is given a unique identifier. No two devices in the entire globe have the same IMEI number, much like a fingerprint. It is a 15-digit number that offers significant details about your device.

Image of a Nokia 6030 phone IMEI number
Image of IMEI number from Wikipedia

Let’s dissect the IMEI in order to properly understand its significance:

1. Type Allocation Code (TAC): The TAC is represented by the first six digits of the IMEI. The device’s manufacturer and model are identified by the TAC. You may learn which business made your gadget by deciphering the TAC.

2. Final Assembly Code (FAC): The FAC is represented by the following two numbers after the TAC. The device’s final assembly position or point is specified by this code. It aids in locating the location of the device’s manufacture or assembly.

3. Serial Number (SNR): The device’s serial number is represented by the next six digits. The serial number distinguishes between devices made in the same factory over the same period of time. It aids in locating a certain unit.

4. Check Digit (CD): The check digit is the last digit of the IMEI. To confirm the validity of the IMEI, a mathematical procedure is utilized. By verifying that the IMEI has been entered or transmitted correctly, the check digit helps stop mistakes or fraudulent activities.

What You Need To Understand About IMEI:

Now that you are aware of what an IMEI is and how it is made, let’s discuss why it is important and what you need to know about it:

1. Device Identification: Your mobile device’s IMEI serves as a special identification number. In the event that your smartphone is lost or stolen, it can be used to locate and identify it. Your chances of getting your device back are increased if you give the authorities or your service provider the number.

2. Network Lock and Unlock: Your device’s IMEI is a key factor in identifying whether it is locked or unlocked to a certain network carrier. It is used by network providers to restrict access to their networks. Your smartphone will only function with the selected carrier if it is locked. You can change your network provider by unlocking your device.

3. Reporting Stolen Devices: An IMEI is required when a device is reported as stolen. Your service provider or the police can add your device’s IMEI to a global database of stolen devices if you report the theft to them. This database makes it more difficult for thieves to make money from their unlawful operations by preventing them from using or selling stolen equipment.

4. Validating Device validity: It’s critical to confirm the device’s validity before buying a used smartphone. You may confirm that the device is not stolen, blacklisted, or counterfeit by comparing the IMEI to the manufacturer’s database or using it’s online checkers.


The International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a special number given to each mobile device. You can better safeguard your device, determine where it came from, and confirm its legitimacy by being aware of it and its components.

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