Kaduna State Launches AI Learning Videos in Hausa Language

The Kaduna State Government,has taken a significant step towards digital empowerment with the launch of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning program in Hausa Language.

The initiative, launched by the deputy Governor of Kaduna State,Dr.Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe aimed at equipping women and youths with essential digital skills for the evolving job market.

At the official unveiling ceremony held today at the Musa Yar’Adua Hall, Dr Sabuwa highlighted the programme’s importance in bridging the digital divide and creating opportunities for socio-economic growth.

Dr Hadiza Sabuwa making a speech at the Hausa Ai Videos launching in Kaduna
Deputy Governor Dr. Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe making a speech

Endorsed by leading academic researchers and the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), the short 40 series animated AI educative programme curriculum,aligns with global standards in AI education.

Launching moment
Diginitaries launching Hausa Ai Videos in kaduna

Supported by, the initiative is part of a broader effort to empower 20,000 individuals across Nigeria, focusing on women and young people,tagged Arewaladies4tech.

The Arewaladies4tech Programme, initiated by Data Science Nigeria (DSN), plays a pivotal role in driving this initiative within Kaduna State.

It encompasses specialized learning, mentoring, and job placement support facilities across the three senatorial districts, ensuring a comprehensive approach to skill development.

Over 3,000 women have already benefited from the training, marking substantial progress towards the target of 5,000 individuals.

Dr.Sabuwa emphasized the transformative potential of digital skills, particularly in empowering women and fostering economic growth.

She expressed gratitude to partners such as Data Science Nigeria (DSN) for their dedication and commitment to the programme’s success.

The launch event not only showcased Kaduna State’s dedication to technological advancement but also underscored its position as a leader in digital innovation and inclusive development.

As the programme extends its reach beyond Nigeria, it promises to pave the way for a more prosperous and digitally literate society.

On the other hand,guests at the launching include CEO DSN Bayo (Olubayo) Adekanmbi PhD,Professor Sahalu Junaidu,an AI expert and The Director of Google in West Africa,Mr Olumide Balogun,other diginitaries as well as the Arewaladies4tech Programme Team led by Miss Faiza Sani and their interns working across other organizations.

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