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Verified Facebook & Instagram accounts to be subscribed.

In order to be verified on Instagram and Facebook, especially by content creators, Meta is introducing a membership service called Meta Verified.

Along with “greater exposure and reach,” “improved security against impersonation threats,” and “direct access to customer support,” the subscription service will also offer.

To prevent false accounts, customers who want the blue badge would present a government ID that matched their profile name and photo.

Also, users must be older than 18.The web-based monthly subscription service is $11.99, while Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are $14.99.

Starting this week, the business will roll out the service in Australia and New Zealand, with “additional countries soon.”

It’s interesting to note that Meta makes it clear that the launch won’t effect currently active verified accounts because they are said to be “genuine and prominent.”

A Meta representative stated that “We are updating the blue badge’s meaning to focus on authenticity so we can increase the number of people who have access to verification.”We’ll show the number of followers in more locations so users can tell which accounts belong to famous public personalities from those with the same name.


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