Microsoft’s AI that imitates voice after 3 seconds.

Microsoft has this week joined the push for Artificial intelligence softwares by other tech.companies,to unveil it’s voice mimicking Ai called VALL-E.

Let dive in, to know more about the latest offer in the world of AI.

VALL-E, a piece of artificial intelligence (AI) software from Microsoft that can imitate people’s voices from a 3-second sample, has just been tested. It is asserted that when making a recording, it can mimic any voice, including the emotions, tone of the speaker and the environment.
VALL-E, referred to by Microsoft as a “neural codec language model,” produces audio from text input and brief samples from a target speaker. By listening to a vocal sample as brief as three seconds.Its not yet generally accessible.
According to a report by Windows Central, the artificial intelligence technology was trained on 60,000 hours of English speech data and brief audio snippets of certain voices. The paper also claims that while some recordings sound authentic, others sound artificial or machine-produced.Read report and samples here

Additionally, it has been suggested that VALL-E may be able to provide more accurate samples if given a bigger sample set.

VALL-E implications

Although VALL-E has many advantageous applications, including those in the production sector,it also poses a threat. For instance, VALL-E could be used to imitate real phone calls in order to deceive unsuspecting users.

It is possible to imitate politicians or influential persons.

When a vocal password is required, it also presents a security risk.

Additionally, VALL-E might eliminate the employment of voice actors in motion pictures and audiobooks.

It’s consoling that VALL-E isn’t yet widely accessible, which is a good thing.


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