How to open a New Gmail account in seconds.

As the technogical era is fast moving,alot of opportunities are so attached to interaction between people,and email is on the the means.

School application,grant,scholarship,work and host of other activities need email for easy access to vital information by both parties.

How to open an email,is one challenge some teenagers face in developing world.Many rush to computer cafe for assistance.

The two prominent search engines that have their nails are yahoo(yahoomail),& google(Gmail).

In this write up,the process of opening a gmail account will be discussed,with easy steps anyone can follow:
1) Log in to your browser;
2) Search;
3) Click create account;
4)A form will appear,fill it appropriate.

5)After filling the form,you will need to put your active phone number, recovery email,gender and date of birth,for Google to verify you and protect your account through two step verification.

6) Now,you will receive a text message on that phone number,from Google stating your verification code.If the message hasn’t delivered,you can use the ‘call option’ on the screen

7) Here,you read the google terms of services and privacy policy and click ‘I Agree’.

9) You know have completed setting up your Gmail account.
In the next post,we will give steps on how to login into a new Gmail account.

See you then,you can drop your comments.
Thank you!


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