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Facebook reels now extended to 90seconds

Are you fan of social media, especially Facebook and or Facebook reels?

Do you enjoy using reels but may be find it difficult to come up with a perfect and catchy arrangements (template)?

Then sit back and read this post to the end,as meta has brought this easy reels making feature for you.

The release of more friendly tools, including a new templates feature that enables users to build Reels using well-known templates, was announced by Meta last week.

Users of Facebook can now make new Reels using the same format as a recent one they saw. The templating function of TikTok is comparable to templates.

Also, Facebook Reels will have a brand-new “Grooves” function that will automatically align and match your video’s motion to the beat of your favorite music using visual beat technology.

Meta is bringing video-to-sound sync to Facebook Reels after first offering it to Instagram Reels last year. This function has distinguished TikTok from others.

The Reels will also now last 90 seconds, as opposed to the previous 60 seconds. It comes after TikTok expanded into YouTube’s market with longer than three-minute videos.

What’s your opinion on how The Meta company is trying add more features to its products?

Leave us a comment, please!


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