Tips to create a strong password

There are many tips to create a strong password.

A strong password can be seen as that which is difficult for others(hackers) to guess .

Having a strong password for our online accounts provides a higher protection for us against the nemerous cyber security threats like phishing, etc.

To create strong password,it is advisable to follow these tips:

1. Always try and make use of a mix of symbols,numbers and letters.

2. It’s always advised to make password make at least 8 characters long. It is observed that longer passwords are stronger to guess

3.Try to avoid using words that are related to you,like name,birth date, location e.t.c,as these can easily be guessed.

4.Never use same password for two or more accounts.This is because,once an account is hacked,the hacker will try the password on your other accounts.

5.Make use of password manager on your device to help you create and save unique passwords for all of your accounts,which are hard to guess by cyber criminals.

As a user of the internet,always create a strong password and never disclose it to anybody.It is also advisable you change your passwords regular for further protection.

You can also use the two-step verification feature available in almost all social media platforms for further protection.


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