Google AI:Text description to generate music

You know what? Google is not been left behind in this Ai development.

Are you among those thinking chatgpt will over throw google?Hmn,So you think google will sit back and watch someone take over from it?

Well,of recent, Google has been up and doing,to see that or also comes up with unique AI tools which will compete with others.Read this on Google Ai moves this year.

What I like mostly about google products is their show of concern on the threats and copyright issues those technologies could lead to,as such they take long time to make the tools public.

Let’s get the main gist about the latest google Ai tool.

Google’s Ai new tool

Music could be the next major step in the development of AI content.

A system called MusicLM, which generates music in any genre using a written description, was the subject of recent study by Google. This isn’t the first AI-powered music maker. Projects like Google’s AudioML and OpenAI’s Jukebox have taken on the issue, according to TechCrunch.

Nevertheless, MusicLM’s methodology and substantial training library (280,000 hours of music) enable it to create music with a startling breadth and depth.

The results could just appeal to you.Not only can the AI mix genres and instruments, but it can also create songs using abstract ideas that are typically hard for computers to understand.

Even the description of a painting or humming can be used by the technology to create melodies. Several descriptions can be combined in a story mode to create a DJ set or soundtrack.

As is the case with many AI generators, MusicLM has issues. Vocals frequently sound odd in compositions and can be difficult to understand.

The performances are better than you might imagine, but they can also be monotonous in ways that human efforts might not be. You shouldn’t anticipate an EDM-style drop or a traditional song’s verse-chorus-verse structure.

Just don’t expect to use the technology anytime soon. Because of copyright issues, the researchers are withholding MusicLM from the public, as they have done with other Google AI generators.

The training tunes were directly reproduced in about 1% of the music created at the time of publication.

A 2021 whitepaper by Eric Sunray, who is currently employed by the Music Publishers Association, indicated that there are enough “coherent” traces of the original sounds in AI music to infringe reproduction rights, even though concerns around licensing for AI music haven’t been resolved.

Similar to musicians who use samples, it may be necessary to obtain permission before publishing music made by AI.

In music, AI is already in use. Algorithms have been employed by artists like Holly Herndon and Arca to create albums and soundtracks for exhibits. But those either involve collaboration (as with Herndon) or purposeful irrationality (as with Arca’s). Although MusicLM may not be ready for prime time, it offers a glimpse into a period when AI may play a bigger part in the recording studio.


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